Ignorance can be corrected (but stupid is forever)

A few years ago William Shatner was in a television show called $@%# my dad says, which I understand was based off of a book, which (again, I understand) was based off of a Twitter feed. I say this because I saw previews for the show, and thumbed through the book at a Barnes & Noble once, and might have read a few of the tweets. The show was not a smash hit (at least I am assuming not, since it was not renewed after 1 season), but I do have to say that the bits I saw on Twitter and in the book were pretty funny. Perhaps they resonated with me because I could relate. My dad definitely has his share of colorful sayings (though I never need to bleep them). One of my favorites is “Ignorance can be corrected, but stupid is forever.”

Can I get an amen?

I’ve heard other people say “you can’t fix stupid,” though I am kind of fond of Dad’s saying (maybe I’m just partial).

So with that in mind, are you spending your resources to make someone better that just won’t get better? Have you ever had someone that, no matter how hard you try to coach and guide them, they simply keep going back to their bad behavior or keeps on making the same mistakes? At some point you have to decide whether that can be corrected, or if it is a forever thing  And if it is a forever thing, maybe it should be a forever thing somewhere else…

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