Hiring tip for the day: don’t hire mini me’s

Here’s some friendly advice for you: don’t hire people who are like you. I can hear you now: thanks for the advice Mr. HR Geek. What did I ever do without you? I get it, it is pretty obvious, right? Then why are you doing it? Because we gravitate to people who are like us. Who think like us, who don’t aggravate us, and we usually don’t realize we are doing it. I have gone in to second interviews where I feel like I am talking to a clone of the person doing the hiring. In those situations I can’t help but wonder: is the manager high on this person because they are the most qualified, or because they are someone that they wouldn’t mind going to lunch with?  

Listen, don’t get me wrong, I think that fit is important. If you hire someone you can’t stand simply because they are the polar opposite of you, you are setting yourself up for trouble. What I am saying is look at the whole picture and what they bring to the table. We all have holes, imperfections (some more than others…) and when you are looking to hire someone, look for people who will fill as many of those holes as you can. Not only will this person help you along in your career, but you will help them as well.

So, what is the secret sauce? Ask others for help. Ask people who do not do the same thing as you do. Ask HR (not just the Recruiter) to interview them, and then be open and receptive of the feedback. Tell them that you are looking for someone to complement you, and while you like this particular candidate, you also want to be sure that they will complement your team. Sometimes an extra set of eyes is all you really need.

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