Cream isn’t the only thing that rises

We’ve all heard that cream rises. Chances are you have heard this in reference to employees as well, meaning that the best will shine through the crowd. They will rise to the top, stand out and will be noticed. As a good manager (and you know you are, you are reading this blog, after all), you know that these are the associates you need to be developing and growing. In other words, these are the folks you want to be devoting your time to because they are going to give you the biggest return on your investment. You want to take that cream and make it into nice, smooth pats of delicious butter.  

While you are skimming the cream, be careful of the other associates who are likely also going to be floating around. Those are… well, the turds. The ones who, like the cream, stand out, but not for the right reasons. If you do find you have a floater bobbing around – deal with it quickly and efficiently (with the help of your beloved HR person), and get back to tending to your cream. Too often we think that we are spending our time developing our associates when in fact we are spending most our time with those who aren’t adding much, if any, value. Then you wonder why morale stinks and you don’t have any butter for your rolls.

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