You never have to tell someone how smart, rich, or good-looking you are

Let’s just lay something out on the table: I hate bragging.  I can’t stand it when people come to me and tell me how great they are at their jobs, how indispensable they are, and how lucky the organization is to have them.  I am of the opinion that if this were true, why do they feel the need to tell me?  Seriously, it should already be obvious to anyone who matters.  The same can be said of positions and titles.  I really couldn’t care less that you are the Senior Assistant Widget Quality Control Director for North America, Central Time Zone.

It is not necessary to point out how important your position title is, in fact, those with real authority or importance don’t have to point it out.  I am challenging myself and anyone else who will listen to be one of those!  Do great work, get recognized, and the titles (and money and responsibility) will come.  Get hung up on titles and you could end up disappointed when you find that no one cares as much about the title as you do.

To borrow a saying from my wife’s grandmother: “you never have to tell someone how smart, rich, or good-looking you are.”  True that Grandma!  True that.


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