You can’t unmake a first impression

So we are in the middle of this thing you might have heard of called “the great resignation,” and if you are like most employers out there you know that it is hard to find good peeps. Of course it has always been hard to find good ones, but right now we are in a sellers’ market of sorts which means it is just that much harder to find the good ones.

Now if the tables were turned and we were in a point of high unemployment and someone were to come to me and ask for advice on finding work, one thing I would tell them is to never forget that you can’t unmake a first impression. For instance, if your interview is scheduled for 10, 9:45 is late. Sit in the parking lot if you have to, but for Pete’s sake don’t show up at 10:01.

Well, the same advice is still now, only now it goes for employers. If someone is scheduled for 10, be ready to interview as close to 10 as possible. Granted, candidates are going to be a little more flexible if you are a minute or two late, but that doesn’t mean you should take advantage of that.

Good candidates are in high demand. Good candidates are probably already working. Good candidates likely have other options (whether they know it or not). Good candidates will wonder whether they are willing to take a chance with you, since you don’t seem to have an issue leaving them waiting in the lobby. Good candidates tell other (talented) candidates about their experience. Glassdoor. Indeed. LinkedIn even.

Of course this starts before the initial face-to-face. It goes for phone interviews, it goes for closing the loop as well. Good candidates may not be the best candidates, or at least not for that position, but they may be for other openings down the road. If you leave them dangling, you run the risk of losing them for if the right position does come along. It only takes a minute, after all.

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