Moving out to move up

Chances are you have known someone who took a new job, which came with a promotion, that might have happened to you. You were working as a Fry Cook and got an offer from a competitor to be a Senior Fry Cook, and in addition to that fancy new title, you probably even got more money. Changing jobs can be an effective way to advance your career, but you may want to be careful if that is your sole strategy. Many people falsely assume that making a job change is the opportunity to get that promotion they have been jonesing for, especially if they feel stuck.

Changing jobs for growth is not necessarily a bad strategy, and it can work. If you are not careful, you could get what you ask for – a new job with more money, more responsibilities, and a better title – setting yourself up for failure by biting off more than you can chew. This attempt to progress your career through title change is not lost on recruiters, either – put yourself in the shoes of the person searching. Recruiters are looking for a known quantity – someone with demonstrated experience in the areas they need to fill, they are not all that hip to send along someone who “is a fast learner,” only to be rejected by the hiring manager…

Instead, if you find yourself in a position where you feel you have peaked, making a move is probably the right thing. Search for similar job titles to your current role, paying special attention to the responsibilities – with an eye towards those with a better chance at growth.

In doing so, you can steadily grow your skillset, and with some patience, you are more likely to land that role you are jonesing for – it may not be with your new employer, but you will at least be far more qualified when it comes up elsewhere.

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